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Welcome to SplenDishes Dinners Done!

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SplenDishes Dinners Done freezer meal program gives you 10 (or 5) healthy dinners for your family. They come with a protein and veggie and are prepped and ready with instructions for you to cook. Some need additional ingredients (like rice or pasta etc). Most meals take under 30 minutes and some can be made in the crock pot/instant pot. All meals are gluten free and low carb (unless otherwise specified on each menu.

*Meat substitutions can be made for an additional fee. 


10 meals for 6 people: $265 + tax

10 meals for 4 people: $200 + tax 

10 meals for 2 people: $120 + tax

5 meals for 6 people: $180 + tax

5 meals for 4 people: $120 + tax

5 meals for 2 people: $85 + tax


ADD 1ppl $40 + tax

ADD 1 extra meal $25 + tax

ADD EXTRA Veggies $15 + tax 1 QT (6-8 servings)

ADD EXTRA Veggies $30 + tax 1 GA (18-20 servings)

ADD EXTRA Chicken Breast $18 + tax (1.5lbs)

ADD EXTRA Beef Cuts $20 + tax (1.5lbs)

To Order:

Please go to the Dinners Done! TO PLACE AN ORDER page, find the menu & available date you want, click on the link and fill out the form. Make sure to indicate if you have any food allergies on the form.

    Payment Options:

    You will find payment options on the Order Form. We accept PayPal and Credit Cards.


    Fort Mill - Timeframe is between 4:30-6pm (we are flexible with this, so please let us know if you need a different time).

    Rock Hill - Timeframe between 3-8pm at Corks, Cooks & Books located at 295 Herlong Ave. Ste. 401

    Direct Delivery - Please contact us for delivery fees (based on location) & delivery fee is subject to sales tax.


    For Menus & Cooking Instructions, you can find them in the drop down menu of SplenDishes Dinners Done (on the main page menu).

    You can also click here: MENUS & COOKING INSTRUCTIONS

    Additional Info:

    All proteins are cut and trimmed (by me). Chicken is breast meat (unless otherwise stated on menu) and antibiotic free. Pork is also trimmed of most fat and will most likely be pork loin, which is a lean meat. Beef will depend on the recipe, but will be great quality. All proteins are fresh, not frozen.

    5oz veggie/person: some of our veggies are blanched, then frozen. This ensures freshness.

    All sauces and seasonings are house made with no preservatives.

    Please make sure to have your order placed by the Sunday PRIOR to the meal pick up date.


    My team and I are all healthy and work out of my DHEC inspected and approved commercial kitchen. We always follow strict safety sanitation guidelines, wear gloves when touching food and wash our hands a million times through our work day.

    Of note, thus far, COVID-19 has not been linked to food or food packaging by the USDA or the FDA. We are heightening and continuing all safety measures needed to ensure the safety of our clients and customers.

    The National Institute of Health has found that refrigeration and freezing stops the half-life. So any meal prep items are free of contaminants as well.