Grilled Flank Steak w/ Chimichurri Sauce & Tricolor Pasta w/ Garlic & Red Pepper Flakes~

April 09, 2012

Yield: 4-6 servings

For the Steak:

1 1-2 lb Flank Steak
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper
SplenDishes Chimichurri Sauce

Rub olive oil on both sides of steak and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Marinate for a couple of hours until ready to grill.
Grill to desired wellness and let rest.

For the Pasta:

½ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 Cloves Garlic, thinly sliced
1 Tbsp Red Pepper Flakes
¼ cup Flat Leaf Parsley
Kosher Salt to taste

In a large pot, bring to a boil 6 quarts of salted water. Add pasta and cook until al dente, about 6 to 8 minutes. Drain pasta and reserve 2 tablespoons of the pasta water.
In a large sauté pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add the garlic and sauté until light brown. Add the red pepper flakes and sauté for 1 minute then add the reserved pasta water and stir to combine. Place the cooked pasta into the pan and mix well.
Remove pan from heat and top with fresh parsley.

Slice steak and drizzle SplenDishes Chimichurri Sauce over meat.
Serve with pasta.

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