Awesome Show Intro!

Guys, check out the awesome job my producer, Stephanie did on the shows opening intro, this is what you will see when each show begins. I'm in love!

Shonal's Kitchen Show Intro

Recording Voice Overs

Today, we recorded the voice over for the pre-recorded part of the show. That's the part you'll see in the beginning of each show. Pretty exciting stuff happening! We decided to film 2 additional episodes for Season 1, beginning in February 2016. Once we have those filmed and produced, we will take it to the network market and find a place for it and everyone to watch!

Rehearsal and Shoot Day

Here are some sneak peak photos of the fun we have been having while filming. My entire production crew is amazing and I am grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to be on your TV's, in your living rooms!


Rehearsal day with my 1st guest (and best friend), Anne

Shoot day! I had my very own dressing room and make up/hair gal, who stayed with us all day, doing touch ups. I have to admit, I could get used to that!


Shoot Day! We had a great day of filming. Boy when those fancy lights, multiple cameras and ALL eyes on set and in the control room, are on you, do you get nervous! Good thing, we had plenty of wine on hand!


We also had a "roll-in" shoot, which was on location at a local market. Thanks to Tyler, the owner of Provisions Local Market in downtown Waxhaw for participating in the segment and letting us take over the store all morning!

And more thanks to Melanie (and Josh) at the Black Chicken in Waxhaw for letting my friends and I (and entire production crew) take over the wine shop for some fun lifestyle photos of us doing what we do best, talking, laughing and drinking wine!


Shonal's Kitchen - My New Cooking Show!

We are currently filming the pilot to my very own cooking show! It's literally a dream come true and I am so excited to share this with everyone who has supported me and my little cooking adventures all these years!

I have the best job ever, I get to cook and drink wine with some of my favorite people!

The show will be called Shonal's Kitchen, the Eclectic Home Chef (just like my 1st cookbook). It is currently still in the production phase with Aviv Moon Productions in Charlotte, NC. We plan to begin marketing the pilot, in January 2016 and hope to have a home (network) for it soon after that. I will keep everyone posted on details as we get them and give as many sneak preview photos as I can!

Here is the new logo for the show, it will have its own website one day, but for now, this is where you can stay up to date on progress.

The premise will be about good food, good friends & family and good wine. Everyday gourmet recipes, that are simple enough to be made at home, yet still restaurant worthy. Easy entertaining, wine pairing and fun with special guests.